Jose Marquez. CEO, TechLatino

For over 20 years now, TechLatino has been laser focused on the development of next generation tech professionals, we see there isn’t a lack of a talent pipeline, it’s a lack of opportunity specifically as it pertains to STEM/ We need to see more opportunity for our communities. There is a lack of diversity and inclusion in the technology field. However, it has become clear that increasing the amount of Latinos in technology is not only a necessity but good business. We must increase the numbers of Latinos and African American tech professionals across the country and assure the increase in diverse hires by these companies.  We must continue to encourage our visionary partners in the technology space to hire @TechLatino. This Emerging Tech Leaders’ Summit will empower the next generation of Latinos in tech careers by giving them focused field of study.  We must hire @TechLatino and our communities who for years have been left behind. We must bring the blue collar worker and transform them into New Collar Individuals, from wherever they come from in the U.S.  – let’s educate, train, and hire from everywhere! There is not talent deficit, but an opportunity deficit. 

Miguel Gamiño Jr, Chief Technology Officer, City of New York

Civic technologist and thought leader, As CTO, he works with all City agencies to develop a Smart City and “Internet of Things” (IoT) strategy that ensures coordination, collaboration and innovation across the City. I also lead the City’s Broadband Program, which had been previously led by the Counsel to the Mayor’s office – partnering with agencies, private industry, and academia to further the Mayor’s goal to ensure every resident and business will have access to affordable, reliable, high-speed broadband service everywhere by 2025.

Opening Remarks and CIO Tech Trends Round Table

Julie Talbot-Hubbard, SVP, Head of Information Security Operations, CISO Sun Trust 

Julie is an experienced Chief Information Security Officer and Technology executive with extensive experience leading the transformation and management of information technology and security organizations across diverse industry verticals. Proven ability to establish and align on vision, organize and drive execution in global organizations using both direct and influential leadership. Consistent in delivering solutions that balance risk, business realities, and operational impacts. Effectively communicates complex technical information to business partners in a common language.

Her experience includes over 18 years of transforming and leading information security & risks management programs, Infrastructure management and data services organizations within global financial institutions, health care services, public universities, software and managed services Industries.

CIO Tech Trends RoundTable

Dan Webber, CIO Executive Vice President, UST Global

Dan has a career that spans over 22 years as a Chief Information Officer and Technology Officer, 13 of those years have been spent in healthcare and biotech. Now Vice President and CIO at UST Global. Dan has led the integration of technology and related business and operational processes for 42 acquisitions, divestitures, and mergers and evaluated another 85. Dan is a rarity in that he's a CFO, CIO, CTO and he has excellent sales/marketing skills.

CIO Tech Trends Round Table

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This ongoing roundtable discussion features Elite CIO's from fortune 500 and government about trends and advances in Smart Cities and the Internet of Things (IoT) by a panel of distinguished technology experts. The panelists will describe changes and advances in technology that they see having an impact on the world, and suggest what might we do to take advantage of these trends.

IT department are undergoing a paradigm shift at the same time as finding personal with the requisite skillsets extremely hard to find, and perhaps even harder to retain. How are savvy CIOs quickly identifying what are the hot skills they most urgently require and then build a strategy that allows them to build (train), borrow (outsource), or buy (hire) the right people with the right capability at the right time.



  •  Understanding of IoT and Smart Cities deployment.

  • What skills sets are required to excel

  • What CIO's are looking for when it comes to their team 

  • Commit to a talent-first organization which recognizes and rewards the most important asset you have " your people

  • Identify the skills most urgently in need and prioritize their acquisition

  • Determine which acquisition methods needs to be used for which skill to maximize impact and return on investment

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