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Artificial Intelligence - Business Intelligence and the Latino Community 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the study and creation of intelligent entities -- software or machine -- that can perceive environments and manipulate them logically, often mimicking human abilities. AI feeds on large data sets and gains intelligence through algorithmic learning.

Organizations are turning to Business Intelligence (BI) to address the challenges of how to utilize vast amounts of data. BI includes technologies, applications, infrastructure and tools, and best practices enabling access to and analysis of information to support informed business decisions.

AI is a game-changing technology for customer acquisition, automation, design, research, and product development. A recent Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Sloan Management review study found that more than 84% of executives have prioritized AI adoption for competitive advantage.

A favorite axiom in the tech industry is that we tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run.  This could not be a more accurate description of artificial intelligence (AI) in 2018.  From wildly optimistic predictions of an Iron Man-style “Jarvis” AI anticipating all of your needs to a terrifying vision of Terminator-like robots taking over, most of the AI media coverage today is off the mark.  The real headline about AI is much more mundane, sobering, and concerning: Anything that can be automated will be.

While AI continues to disrupt global business, an acute shortage of AI talent is hindering progress – this skills gap has resulted in skyrocketing demand for AI professionals.

AI will transform every industry, every company, and every customer’s experience.  This means it will also transform what work is – impacting everyone’s job in the process. It’s not a question of if, but when, AI will transform your industry – and your job.  But who will be most at risk from this transformation? The answer, it turns out, is Latinos.

Hamid Arjmand, MSCS, MSSM Hamid Arjmand, MSCS, MSSM Professional Development Director at Emory University

A life-long learner, educator, and entrepreneur with a passion for helping people to reach their full potential. His experience includes both corporate and academic achievements. He started as an IT professional at Bank of America, eventually becoming the SVP in charge of the IT department.


Subsequently, he worked with highly successful companies focused on technology. His  academic collaboration began with Southern Polytechnic State University as a Director of Business Development responsible for the delivery of the Health Information Technology program.


Currently,  he serves as the Professional Development Director of Consort Institute, a post-graduate professional workforce development and training organization. Here, he is responsible for the successful delivery of intensive and accelerated educational courses focused on big data analytics, business intelligence, cybersecurity, and information technology.


He is also the Professional Development Manager at Emory Continuing Education. He has have a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Systems Management from Florida Institute of Technology.

He is on the Board of Technology Association of Georgia’s (TAG’s) Diversity & Inclusion Society as well as a board member in Data Science & Analytics Society. He is  also on an advisory board with Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Workforce Development Council at Atlanta Regional Commission.


Karín López Sandiford, MBA Engineering/DC/ML GOOGLE

Business Technology leader with 25+ years successfully bridging strategy to execution, business turnarounds, expansion and technology transformation.

Areas of expertise include: Data Center Infrastructure deployments, Machine Learning Technologies, Capacity & Constraint management, Technical Project Management in agile & waterfall methodologies, Supplier Quality Engineering and Chain Management, Business Process and System Optimization.

I am the Founder/CEO of ThisWay Global, an international, VC-backed HR tech company that was incubated at ideaSpace – University of Cambridge, UK, with new offices now in the US. ThisWay's team is comprised of experienced entrepreneurs, global PhD’s in the areas of machine learning and AI, as well as talented Millennials from across the globe.

Over the last twenty years, I have founded and built three companies, in sectors that range from architecture to the licensing industry. The common core in each has been my ability to build consensus amongst stakeholders, whether they be individuals, businesses or international governments.​

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the Latino Community

Rita Effio, PE System Engineer, UPS Advanced Technology Center

Business Intelligence and Supply Chain Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the Latino Community

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