Almost everyone failed to predict the outcome of the 2016 U.S. election, and the winner came as a shock to many pollsters, the media, and people in the U.S. and around the world. How did we get it so wrong, and what does this mean for marketing and insights?

On April 26th, we’ll be exploring that very topic at our upcoming workshop, Predicting Election 2016: What Worked, What didn’t and the Implications for Marketing & Insights, brought to you by Univision and Cien+

We’ll start with 3 short presentations related to new thinking about predicting election results and then transition to a panel with key thought leaders and experts for a lively discussion on what we can learn from this election cycle related to tools to predict outcomes. The agenda is still coming together so look for an update on specific presenters soon, but trust us, it’s going to be very, very good. It's going to be Huge.

During this event, we will talk some about the polls and the outcome of the election, we will also explore the implications of this polling failure for commercial research and analytics on the things that are important to our industry: trust in research (especially surveys!), new tools and techniques, predicting & modeling behavior or trends, implicit vs. explicit data sources, the application of cognitive & behavioral psychology, and more.

Now is the time to have meaningful conversations about the lessons learned from this election cycle and to apply those learnings to not only political polling, but public policy and commercial research in all of their many forms. Arguably approaches using experimental polling methods,  social media analytics, behavioral economics-based analysis, “big data”, meta analysis and data synthesis, and text analytics were more predictive of the results than traditional polling, and the implications of that for other forms of research should not be ignored. 

We’ll be tackling all of these topics and more during thispanel, so we hope you’ll join us virtually or in person for the discussion!

Dr. Andra Gillespie, Director, James Weldon Johnson Institute, Professor, Political Science Emory University

Andra Gillespie is Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of the James Weldon Johnson Institute at Emory University.  She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Government & Foreign Affairs Latino and African American Studies from the University of Virginia. She went on to earn a Master of Arts in African American Studies and a Master of Philosophy in Political Science from Yale University, where she also earned her doctorate in 2005. Before joining the faculty at Emory, she worked as an analyst for Democratic pollster Mark Mellman.


Ron Estrada, Vice President, National Corporate and Community Relations, Univision

Ron Estrada is vice president of National Community Empowerment for Univision Communications Inc. (UCI), the leading media company serving Hispanic America. Based in Washington, D.C., Estrada is responsible for developing and nurturing strong working relationships at both the local and national level with community organizations and key stakeholders, including business, non-profit and government leaders. He directs programming related to UCI's local empowerment managers representing 126 broadcast and radio stations throughout the US and Puerto Rico.

M. Alexis Scott, Journalist, Publisher and featured commentator on the Georgia Gang.

Journalist and publisher Marian Alexis Scott was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia; her grandfather was W.A. Scott II, the founder of the Atlanta Daily World, which was the nation’s first black-owned daily newspaper.

After a twenty-two year career with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Cox Enterprises, Inc, where she worked her way up from reporter to vice president of community affairs and then director of diversity at Cox, Scott became involved in the inner workings of the Atlanta Daily World. Scott's duties included acting as publisher and featured commentator on The Georgia Gang, 

Brandon Ivan Pena, Social Media Guru, CEO BIP Media Group

Social Media Director, Working with agencies/direct clients, to augment their creative resource, win business or build sales while using photos and video. Content Creator, information and news gathering SEO, SEM, social media marketing guru. 

Liliana Gil Valletta, CEO & Cofounder CIEN+ | Cultural Innovator

Lili is an award-winning entrepreneur, World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and a weekly TV contributor to various networks like Fox News, Fox Business, CNN en Español, among others. She is the cofounder and CEO of CIEN+ (Formerly known as XL Alliance) a firm that helps business leaders and Fortune 500 companies unlock the power of today’s diverse marketplace with research, creativity and purpose. She is also the creator of Dreamers Ventures, a product innovation accelerator bringing together a best-in-class alliance of business experts to search, mentor and launch products created by Latinos on TV in partnership with HSN.

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