Will 5G be the Answer to the Internet of Things?


5G is envisioned as a wireless network that will deliver speeds of 20 Gbps, offer extremely low latency and connect billions of devices. In fact, most experts believe 5G will be the perfect backbone for the Internet of Things because it will bring together many disparate networks into one unified framework that combines short range communications such as RFID and Bluetooth with cellular technology and incorporates small cells and heterogeneous networks.


In addition, 5G will likely use new spectrum in the high-frequency millimeter wave and microwave bands. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a prime example of how wireless is driving innovation across nearly every industry. From self-driving and connected cars to smart city development to innovations in the delivery of healthcare – IoT is creating impactful solutions for today’s consumers. Join us to discuss how IoT and the next generation of wireless – 5G – are poised to transform how Americans live, work, and play.

In this session the panelists will make a deep dive conversation of how will the next generation of wireless networking technology affect our lives in the next few years? 5G has great potential to shape how cities work and communicate. How will these technology and infrastructure can transform urban areas across the world into “smart cities”, develop job opportunities and what should the tech professional do to get ready to get jobs.

Juan Fernandez, ​SVP of Managed IT Services/ Public Speaker - Future of technology and strategy planning. 2018 MSP Shark Tank winner.

Experienced Vice President Information Technology Services with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Enterprise Solutions, Team Building, and Public Speaking. Strong operations professional with a Bachelors of science focused on developing the future of IT services and products.

Miguel Gamiño Jr, Executive Vice President (EVP) Enterprise Partnerships | Head of Global Cities and City Possible at Mastercard

Civic Technologist and Smart Cities Thought leader.

Global executive at Mastercard. Urban challenge seeker, and solver. Building #CityPossible partnerships with cities, companies, and NGO communities to accomplish #InclusiveUrbanization and #MakeTechWorkForPeople.


CIO of NYC and San Francisco

As CIO, he worked with all New York City agencies to develop a Smart City and “Internet of Things” (IoT) strategy that ensures coordination, collaboration and innovation across the City. I also lead the City’s Broadband Program, which had been previously led by the Counsel to the Mayor’s office – partnering with agencies, private industry, and academia to further the Mayor’s goal to ensure every resident and business will have access to affordable, reliable, high-speed broadband service everywhere by 2025.

Opening Remarks and CIO Tech Trends Round Table

Julie Talbot-Hubbard, SVP, Head of Information Security Operations, CISO Sun Trust 

Julie is an experienced Chief Information Security Officer and Technology executive with extensive experience leading the transformation and management of information technology and security organizations across diverse industry verticals. Proven ability to establish and align on vision, organize and drive execution in global organizations using both direct and influential leadership. Consistent in delivering solutions that balance risk, business realities, and operational impacts. Effectively communicates complex technical information to business partners in a common language.

Her experience includes over 18 years of transforming and leading information security & risks management programs, Infrastructure management and data services organizations within global financial institutions, health care services, public universities, software and managed services Industries.

CIO Tech Trends RoundTable

Dan Webber, CIO Executive Vice President, UST Global

Dan has a career that spans over 22 years as a Chief Information Officer and Technology Officer, 13 of those years have been spent in healthcare and biotech. Now Vice President and CIO at UST Global. Dan has led the integration of technology and related business and operational processes for 42 acquisitions, divestitures, and mergers and evaluated another 85. Dan is a rarity in that he's a CFO, CIO, CTO and he has excellent sales/marketing skills.

CIO Tech Trends Round Table

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